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The "Rhododáktylos Eós, daughter of Morning" is the "Rose-fingered Aurora", which rises on the Greek sea in the Odyssey and in some subsequent lyric poems, bringing the new daylight.

Lessing called it "Rosenfinger Aurora".


We chose this name for our Non-Profit Cultural Association, hoping to be able to diffuse some rays of new musical light through our webcasting, recording and cultural activity, that is realized in four main ways:


1. YouTube-based publication of expressly produced recordings, video-commented audio files and videos.


2. Direct production, co-production, or moral and intellectual support to the production of digital albums and, less frequently, physical CDs.


3. Creation of virtual concerts


4. Production of various kinds of musical writings


Membership allows:

a) to access some contents not available for all

b) to get some productions

c) to be involved in some activities


Please explore the website through the Menu above, in order to read more details.


As Cultural Association based in Italy, but aiming to catch the attention of an international public, Rosenfinger usually presents its web contents in English. However, the official statements, downloadable from this website, are written in Italian. An English resume is also available, without legal value.

Moreover, the News Page can be written both in English and in Italian, depending on the main target of the reported texts.





President and Founder: Fabio Grasso -


Board of Directors:

Fabio Grasso -

Letizia Michielon -

Antonio Tarallo - LinkedIn Profile


Board of Arbitrators

Stefania Grasso, Felice Maffei, Lorenza Somacal.


In order to prevent any possible objection, we confirm the NON-PROFIT nature of this Association, despite the domain extension .com, that is being kept, till now, for practical reasons.


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