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ENGLISH RESUME of the main articles

Attention: only the complete Italian text has legal value in case of dispute


Art. 1 – The cultural Association ROSENFINGER is constituted as free non-profit and non-politic Association, with unlimited duration,

Art. 2 – ROSENFINGER has the tollowing aims:

– a) to diffuse as widely as possible the new “cultivated” music, and increase the knowledge of its avantgarde trends, that are most significant in the judgement of the directors, even with the intent to create cultural bridges between different cultural areas.

– b) to enrich the musical culture of the public, its consciousness in listening to classical and contemporary music, and the knowledge of the inspiring aesthetic, literary and philosophical thoughts.

– c) to promote interpretative ways (musical and cultural) that are distinguished for their originality, but always completely respectful of the original compositional style, thought and spirit.

– d) to enlarge the didactic horizons of the operators of this sector.

– e) to enhance resources of the geographic area of the Association, provided that their interest is general, in our cosmopolitan spirit, as shows the choice of the web as main communication medium.

Art. 3 – The aims of the Association are mainly pursued by webcasting and discographic productions.

Art. 4 – Anyone interested in our aims can take a part in the Association. Kinds of Memberships: see the section membership.

Art. 5 – The Board of Directors can reject the membership request. Against such a decision an appeal is allowed within 30 days to the Board of Arbitrators. The Members ad honorem

are invited with unquestionable decision of the Board of Directors.

Art. 6 – Annual fees: see the section membership.

Art. 7 – All members have to respect the present rules. Inappropriate behaviours are subject to sactions. Appeals against sanctions are ruled as in Art. 5.

Art. 8 – All members older than 18 (not members ad honorem) have right to vote in the


Art. 9 – The economic resources of the Association can consist of:

– movables and real estate

– contributions;

– donations and legacies;

– rembursements;

– commercial activities

– any income

Contributions of members are the inscription fees, whose amount is decided by the Board of Directors. Distributions of remaining funds among members is forbidden by the law.

Art. 10 – The Financial Year begins 01.01 and ends 31.12 of every year. The Board of Directors draws up the balance sheet..

Art. 11 – Organs of the Association:

– Assembly of members;

– Board of Directors

– President

– Board of the Arbitrators

Art. 12 – The Assembly of the members contains all members. It is called at least one time per year. (ordinary). Extraordinary Assembly is called when necessary.

Art. 13 – The ordinary Assembly has the following tasks: election of the organs,

approvation of the balance, Extraordinary Assembly: modifications of the statements.

Art. 14 – The Board of Directors consists of the President and two Advisors.

Ordinary tasks:

– to prepare documents for the Assembly

– to elaborate propositions for the activity of the Association

– to draw up balance

– to decide fees

Art. 15 – The President remains in office 5 years. He’s the legal representative of the Association

Art. 16 – The Board of the Arbitrators consists of three members, that can be or not members of the Association. It remains in office 5 years. It decides about expulsions of members or refused requests of admissions within 30 days since the date of presentation of the appeal.

Art. 17 – The dissolution of the Association is decided by the extraordinary Assmbly. Remaining estate must be passed to similar Associations.

Art. 18 – All tasks of the elected organs are not remunerated. Rembursements of certified expenses are possible.

Art. 19 – Current laws are valid as regards all that is not mentioned in these statements.


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